Team Top Gear from Bournemouth University progress to the 2021 Design Challenge National Final
Team Top Gear from Bournemouth University progress to the 2021 Design Challenge National Final

We are pleased to share with you the results of the Design Challenge Wessex Regional Final which took place as an online, presentation-based competition with a defined marking criteria on 20 April 2021.

The competing teams presented their designs, discussed how they went about generating them, what they had assumed and what they had learned, just like a paper-based design proposal a company would use in a competitive tender. This was then backed up with whatever methods they thought appropriate such as computer simulation, actual builds of their design and calculations.

Shortly after the event, Wessex Region Design Challenge Officer Aidan Tout shared his feedback on competing teams’ presentations at this year’s Design Challenge Wessex Regional Final:

“The Thunderbirds team from Bournemouth University took the route of copying elements of a previously successful and simple design. Their presentation skills were excellent and their use of very clear dialogue made it easy to understand.”

“Moving onto team Anowa from University of Portsmouth, they used rubber tracks and tape measure spool in their design which was refreshing to see and had excellent renderings to demonstrate the design with use of the app to simulate the design too.”

“Finally, Bournemouth University’s Top Gear team were clearly very well organised and focused on hitting the marking criteria with their presentation. They had a single day in the workshops together and managed to make a working device to take experimental results, all from that single day, showing they must have gone in with a well refined and organised plan.”

“Team Top Gear took the regional trophy just ahead of Thunderbirds, so the trophy is on the way back to Bournemouth from its year out in Plymouth.”

Well done to all the competing teams who took part in the 2021 Design Challenge Wessex Regional Final and congratulations to the Team Top Gear from Bournemouth University who progress to the National Final in October.

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