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  • Project Specification and General Specification

    • Does the line have to be within the working envelope of 400mm cubed when the device is loaded and ready to fire?


    • Can a remote switch be used instead of the trailing wire?


    • Does the student have to operate each of the machines or processes to produce the device?

      There are certain items of equipment that first-year students would not be allowed to use and therefore the answer to this question is that it would be at the discretion of the academic staff at the university.

    • How does the student know if a part costs less than £0.20?

      It is the students' responsibility to prove it's cost is less than £0.20. If there is any doubt the judge may reject it.

    • If receipts or invoiced can’t be produced for all parts, will we be disqualified?

      Your team could be disqualified but it will be left to the discretion of the judge.

    • Does the total number of batteries to be used have to be included on the materials list?


    • Can rapid prototyping be used to produce the device?

      It can be used to produce some component parts of the device but not the complete assembly.