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  • Project Specification and General Specification

    • Which educational institutions can take part in the Design Challenge?

      See Section 1 of IMechE Design Challenge - General Specification 2024: “Universities, colleges and other engineering sciences educational institutes run internal qualifiers to select up to two teams to progress to their respective Regional Finals. The winning team from each region progresses to the National Final.”

    • Which competition level could my educational institution register my team from?

      See Appendix 3 of IMechE Design Challenge - General Specification 2024: “Any college plus the levels highlighted in green are considered the max threshold for competing in 4.17.1 Concept Challenge and 4.17.3 Foundation Challenge. Any team could compete in 4.17.5 Advanced Challenge, if desired.”

    • Is there a direct equivalence between universities in the English and in the Scottish System?

      See Appendix 3 of IMechE Design Challenge - General Specification 2024:

      English System
      Level 3 - A Level
      Level 4 - Year 1
      Level 5 - Year 2
      Level 6 - Year 3 BEng (Hons)
      Level 7 - Year 4 MEng

      Scottish System
      SCQF Level 7 - Year 1 / AH at school
      SCQF Level 8 - Year 2 - Direct entry form A Levels or AH
      SCQF Level 9 - Year 3
      SCQF Level 10 - Year 4 BEng (Hons)
      SCQF Level 11 - Year 5 MEng

    • What is the maximum voltage of the motor and battery I can use?

      See ### of IMechE Design Challenge - Project Specification and Rules 2024 - V1: 4.10 “A single main fuse shall be installed between the battery and any other wiring. If the maximum current draw cannot be proven, a maximum current fuse of 10A is permitted.”