Line launcher
Line launcher

Team registrations for Design Challenge 2022 are now open.

First- and second-year university teams are required to design and build a line launcher which can be used to fire a rope from one ship to another at sea, or for various other rescue scenarios, such as delivering a line to a high-rise building, or pulling a zip line over a divide. The aim is to produce a small-scale indoor device, to fire a squash ball attached to a line, at a horizontal target, from various distances. There are many methods of firing projectiles; such devices require a controlled and safe method of energy storage with a reliable release mechanism.

The Design Challenge gives participants the chance to develop their engineering knowledge, soft skills and practical abilities on a specific project. As a result, competitors are exposed to the ‘real world’ of engineering. Design Challenge Founder David Ball notes that “The competition covers the key requirements of a professional engineer and gives the students an insight into what will be expected of them when they graduate.”

Viliam Kacerik, a member of University College London’s second-year Design Challenge 2021 team, had the following to say about taking part:

“The Design Challenge has been as much about enriching my technical skills, as much as it was about meeting new people and developing my communication skills. I would highly recommend participation in this competition to other students!”

Download the specification documents for the 2022 Design Challenge. Submit your team before registrations closes on 17 December 2021.

In the meantime, take a look back at our previous Challenge results and event photo galleries to be inspired to take part in the 2022 edition of the Design Challenge.

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